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  • Wimmera Mallee Accounting Accountants regularly visit throughout the Mallee region, servicing: Boort, Charlton, Warracknabeal, Patchewollock, Woomelang, Sea Lake and Nullawil.

    Dale Poyner visits our Hopetoun Office, located at 71a Lascelles Street, Hopetoun, each Tuesday from 9.30am-4.00pm.

    Sandie Richmond is available by appointment, visiting various townships including: Donald, Wycheproof and Beulah.

    For all your tax and accounting needs, look no further, we are here to help.

    To make an appointment to see either Dale or Sandie, please contact Wimmera Mallee Accounting on (03) 5472 2766 or email

    Updated 10/05/2016

  • Australian Taxation Office Scam - Wimmera Residents Receive Calls

    Please be aware that an ATO scam, is still in operation across the Wimmera.

    Messages are being left on answering machines saying the ATO are contacting the resident about fraud. The message says the office is calling because a criminal case (for tax evasion) has been registered against the resident, with threats of legal proceedings will persue.

    An (02) number is left for the resident to call back on (again threatening legal proceedings, should you chose not call back), please DO NOT call this number. Scammers have the ability to tap into your telephone line, costing you money.

    Any queries, please contact us on (03) 5492 2766.

    Updated 19/02/2016

  • Farm Household Allowance - Should you take another look?

    For the past 12 months Wimmera Mallee Accounting set out to assist people in determining their eligibility for the Farm Household Allowance (FHA).  

    It has been a very busy 12 months for Wimmera Mallee Accounting directors, Dale Poyner & Sandie Richmond, along with their staff and the Rural Financial Counsellors.

    12 months ago many people hadn’t heard about FHA.  We at Wimmera Mallee Accounting have ensured anyone who may have been eligible, is now receiving this payment.

    Some people that were not eligible 12 months ago due to different reasons; some being Farm Management Deposits, Off-Farm Income or other Off-Farm Assets; that now 12 months down the track, would be eligible because their circumstances have changed.

    After another tough season, we now want anyone that isn’t currently receiving FHA, to relook at their circumstances to see if they are not now eligible.

    FHA is still around and available and if you believe you may be eligible now, even if you weren’t 12 months ago, we urge you to get in contact with us, a Rural Financial Counsellor or your accountant.

    If you would like to discuss your current situation to assess whether you now may be eligible, please contact Wimmera Mallee Accounting on (03) 54922 766 or email

    Updated 01/12/2015

  • Foreign Residents working in Australia

    One of the very first questions you are asked on your tax return is: "Are you an Australian resident for tax purposes?" It may seem an unusual or unnecessary question, but the Tax Office wants to get this one cleared up early, as it makes a big difference to everything else that follows.

    We have come across many clients who incorrectly think that no matter what, foreign residents get all their tax back – this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

    The Tax Office are cracking down on this – and are cross checking foreign residents arrival and departure dates with customs to ensure they have answered the simple question “Are you an Australian resident for tax purposes” correctly.

    If you are a foreign resident working in Australia, or are employing foreign residents – you should read this article to ensure you are in line with the tax office views.

    Click here to find out more.

    Updated 21/11/2014

  • Farm Household Allowance

    Are you eligible?

    Farm Household Allowance....
    ....provides eligible farmers and their partners who are experiencing financial hardship with assistance and support to improve their long term financial situation.
    It is a fortnightly income support payment, available Australia-wide, that has been designed to suit the specific circumstances of farmers and their partners.
    You could be eligible for approximately $500 per fortnight for up to three years, plus a $3,000 grant to put towards improving your farming enterprise.

    For further information contact Wimmera Mallee Accounting.

    Updated 23/10/2014

  • HECS/HELP Benefit

    Are you:

    • An Early Childhood Educator graduate
    • A Maths or Science Course graduate who graduated after 30 June, 2008
    • A Nursing or Midwifery Course graduate who graduated after 30 June, 2009
    • An Education Course graduate who graduated after 30 June, 2009

    If so you may be eligible for the Australian Taxation Office HECS/HELP benefit.

    Click here to find out more.

    Updated 16/10/2014